Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Social Exclusion and Natural Depredation

Written by Oswaldo De Rivero

From the book: The Myth of Development
The non-viable economies of the 21st century

"The social exclusion of human beings is not the same thing as the natural depredation occurring in a food chain, where one animal species preys on another species, as is the case with lions and zebras. The human groups that are preyed upon are not from a different species, and do not always behave like zebras. A human group that feels permanently excluded from the bare necessities of existence, preyed on by the market and by modernity, will finally turn upon its predators, resorting to varied forms of treatment ranging from delinquency to terrorist fanaticism."

"The law of the jungle cannot continue to be applied among men without serious consequences for the whole community. Our genes, which are programmed for survival in society, begin to protest that we are being excluded, that our family or social group is in danger. Then, when we reach that stage, we too dehumanize our predators, resorting to irrational and violent actions against them, as though they were a different species. When certain limits of human depredation are passed, everyone is the loser, including the predators, and the result is massive social and political turmoil"

"The Myth of Development, the non viable economies in the 21st century" is an inspirational book, even when it gave a very gloomy picture about the future of humanity and adopted a pessimistic approach toward solution proposed by international organization such as the World Bank Group. it was written in the 90s by Oswaldo De Rivero, an ex-ambassador from Peru whom was involved in the negotiation of the nuclear missile crisis in Cuba 1962, between the United State and the Soviet Union. The Uruguay Convention was one of the most important economic forum of the twentiest century, where general agreement on tariffs and trade, has also witnessed Mr. Oswaldo participated in as negotiator representing his mother country Peru. He have predicted adequately outputs of which we are currently struggling globally, and many countries are surviving a nationality crisis, due to multiple root causes described in this book. 

I recommend this book for anyone who wants to learn about international affairs, history, macro economy, globalization and international trade. also it is recommended for people that have a predictive curiosity, so they can find tons of truly remarkable insights.