Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Fake Independence, failed state, failed democracy

In the 73rd memorial of the Lebanese Independence Day, still, a deep surge of wonder and uncertainty circulate my shallow conception about the country I was born, raised and reborn many times into. A question mark keeps lingering in my head while no definite answer can be reached. Is Lebanon as we know it today, deserve to be an entity inclusive to all its indigenous residents?

I was born in 1981, a considerably dangerous year to be alive, or at least to be aware in Lebanon. As it was mentioned on my ID, my residential birth was the nearest hospital possible to the shelter where my parents used to take cover. Up until my 9th birthday, most of my childhood memories were made either in shelters or in a 5 Km radius away from.

The crystal clear images in my head remained from the year 1990, when I had my first communion and the battles between the Christian faction “Lebanese Forces” and the Lebanese army. I remember the shelling, I remember death, I remember the voices of the combatant whom were overthrown by the Lebanese army and were trying to survive in the asylum of the civilian buildings, with no success. I remember the humility felt in our collective consciousness when the Syrian army invaded our presidential palace. It was just like yesterday for me.

All of this is not a drama soap opera I’m trying to write, extracting its details from the darkest side where my childhood memories, and thousands like me, were thrown. Even now the saga of my ill-born country still follows me like a clingy mistress, who have no mercy and vicious imagination. Devastation proclaimed our past and is imposing our future. The war killed us already, just after we were born and way earlier than our demise. I'm here today to question what was the purpose and the meaning of Lebanon for people who lived in the land of milk and honey. Well, there is none, except the illusions living through Rahbani family and their apparatus Fairuz, whom we are celebrating her 81st anniversary.

Our independence was never a consensus. It was merely a requirement for the elite of people from different religious background, yet from the same upper class, to gather forces refuting a mandate only to replace it by their own farm like structure. Nationalism thought to be a resonate playback to ignite the feelings of belonging, the false feelings of belonging.
Through the years, the accumulation of perception has taught me that the Lebanese national notion is a big fat lie we’ve been consuming for a long time now. My country has taken everything I have from me, in return I get nothing but humiliation, tricksters, fraudulent governments derived from fraudulent citizens, a hazy future, tormented parents and strained community.

In 2016, nothing changed. Lebanon remains a country with undefined loyalties and ruined potentials. It is a nation with disproved collective history, identity, and future. With all this being said, for me as a citizen of the so called nation, what does Independence Day means to me? What should the Independence Day mean to me anyway? Absolutely nothing. It is and it has always been a false independence that drove us to a failed state that is being governed by a failed democracy!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Elie Marouny - Questions Over His Stupid Gaff

Regarding the unlawfully Parliamentarian Elie Marouny comment on the role that women play in leading men into rape. A couple of questions should be asked to the parliamentarian, in order to approach the campaign building up against him subjectively:

  • What is the sexual desire that might intrigue him to rape a woman ?
  • If such sexual desire exist in his mind  and he or any other man did the action of rape upon this trigger, shall the rape be justified than ?
  • Wait a minute. This is the "rape" definition in the dictionary:  unlawful sexual intercourse or any other sexual penetration of the vagina, anus, or mouth of another person, with or without force, by a sex organ, other body part, or foreign object, without the consent of the victim. DO WE AGREE ON THE SAME DEFINITION ?

I personally consider that Elie Marouny committed a stupid gaff over a crucial issue Lebanese women are fighting for and didn't have enough courtesy to give a thought before impeding himself into such a debate. this disastrous appulse is driven by most of Lebanese Parliamentarians who are drained by attending funerals (since it is the way Lebanese voters pay back the respect) rather studying explicitly, with the support of experts, much needed legislations.

Somebody that know him pass it along please. Let's see how he will respond !

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

لهذا، كان الإمام الصدر عظيماً

في الذكرى ال38 لتغييب الإمام موسى الصدر

يحكى عن بائع المثلجات المسيحي العتيق في صور، الذي لجأ الى الإمام الصدر بعدما بدأ يعاني من ضائقة مادية، سببها مقاطعة المسلمين له في تلك المنطقة، بعد افتتاح محل لبائع آخر للمثلجات في جواره من الطائفة المسلمة. في احد الأيام، بعد صلاة الجمعة، توجه الامام الصدر مع مرافقيه وعدد من المصلّين الى محلة البائع المسيحي واكلوا المثلجات عنده.

لم تكن تلك البادرة تمثيلية تعايش وطني وما شابه الاقاويل التي تلوث اذاننا عن الوحدة والاخوة بين الطوائف في لبنان وشاكلاتها من الأدبيات الخشبية الكاذبة. ارادها الامام رسالة الى اهل بيته والى العالم بأجمعه بأنه اولاً يحب المثلجات، وثانياً يحب الانسان كما خلقه الله وليس كما صبغه المجتمع.

عظمة الانسان ليس بالشعر الذي يمدح أعماله ويهديه صفة البطولة عن حق او عن غير حق. عظمة الانسان ليس في تأليه غير مجدي وغير واقعي وملوث بمصالح وغايات. عظمة الانسان هي بالأعمال الصغيرة التي يتحدى بها كل المعايير، حتى ولو انبثقة عن بيئته ومجتمعه.

لهذا، كان الإمام الصدر عظيماً !

Friday, August 19, 2016

Amran is alive - thank god

Amran Picture from the media outlets

The whole world was disturbed when Amran picture caught the eyes. Everybody felt heart aching pain for that it is a very excruciating thing to see. 
The matter of fact, when I saw Amran picture I was happy, I was happy for him being alive !!
Nobody care about war zone atrocities. All of us are busy with our lives and nothing else matter for us. Suddenly we see a picture and we feel deeply disturbed !

Humans are such an Hippocratic creatures

Friday, March 11, 2016

There is a crack, a crack in everything

Leonard Cohen
Ring the bells that still can ring

Forget your perfect offering

There is a crack, a crack in everything

That’s how the light gets in.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

ارحمونا رحم الله اهلكم

للعباقرة والمحللين السياسيين والعسكريين يلي متلين الدني تحاليل وتهاليل عن التدخل الروسي المبارك بسوريا، اليكم بعض الحقائق:

- المشكلة الكبرى انو سعر الصاروخ يلي بتطلقو السوخوي وف16 اثمن بحوالي 50 مرة من سعر المركبات المقاتلة يلي بيستعملها داعش (يلي يملك ما يزيد عن 12000 مركبة) زائد في حال كانت المركبة مليانة مقاتلين، سعرهم اقل من كلب الشيواوا تبع "باريس هلتون". لأجل هالسبب الحملات الجوية لا تنجح.

- مخازن الأسلحة هي مخططة على طريقة العصابات. يعني سعر مجموع الأسلحة والعتاد والزخيرة بكل مخزن أقل من سعر الصاروخ، و هذه المخازن عديدة وموزعة جغرافياً. يعني مستر بوتين ولو استعار حصان مار جرجس وسيف مار ايليا، ما ممكن يقضي على مخازن اسلحة داعش (بفتكر حزب الله استعمل الاستراتيجية ذاتها في حرب تموز)

الله بخليكون، حلو عن ربنا تحاليل. وماعاش تشاركونا بمعلومات مدري من وين عن سقوط المنظومة الكونية بهل يوميين. عند القيامة، الله مش بس راح يسأل شو عملت منيح وقبيح، رح يسألك ليش الجدب؟ شو عملت بالمخ يلي عطيتك اياه؟

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

"A Grin Behind the Tears" - Remi Kanazi

Remi Kanazi is an Palestinian-American performance poet and human rights activist based in New York City. Born 1981 in United States of America. He published "Poetic Injustice: writings on resistance and Palestine" a book that illustrate the struggle of Palestinian people enduring the Israeli occupation.

In his new book "Before the Next Bomb Drops", Kanazi wrote "A Grin Behind the Tears", a poem expressed by Samir, a young Palestinian who has experienced the brutality of occupation. it goes like this:

"No matter how tight Israel thinks its grip is

the bullets, the bombs, the checkpoints
the UN vetoes, the congressional applauding
these children are more powerful than F-16s
more assured than U.S. military aid

they will climb walls, skirt roadblocks, dodge teargas

they will unravel injustice by their very existence
in every breath they take, every wedding that's held
every newborn they bring into this world, they know it
Zionists know it, the occupation's days are numbered"

Maybe it is a wishful thinking, coming from oppressed and angry people, who have no hope, no future, just the divine inspiration that the injustice inflected upon them, will be lifted one day, or maybe not. It is the resistance and the persistence of Palestinian People who kept the cause alive. Heroic actions taken by Palestinian youth, elders, women and children are filmed on daily bases, accompanied by tremendous brutality shown by Israeli settlers. meanwhile, the official Silence of the Arab nations is more haunting than the grenades and the bullets of the monstrous enemy, more damaging to the possibilities and hope of the Palestinian people than the whole of the Israeli army. A sellout, that's what they are, that's what they've always been.

In this occasion i remember a description for Oswaldo De Rivero and a quote for Desmond Tutu. the description depict the actual situation in the west bank and its root cause. the quote call out for every free man and woman to think deeply about what is happening and raise the voice. silence is a devil.
"The law of the jungle cannot continue to be applied among men without serious consequences for the whole community. Our genes, which are programmed for survival in society, begin to protest that we are being excluded, that our family or social group is in danger. Then, when we reach that stage, we too dehumanize our predators, resorting to irrational and violent actions against them, as though they were a different species. When certain limits of human depredation are passed, everyone is the loser, including the predators, and the result is massive social and political turmoil" -Oswaldo De Rivero

"If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality." - Desmond Tutu

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Social Exclusion and Natural Depredation

Written by Oswaldo De Rivero

From the book: The Myth of Development
The non-viable economies of the 21st century

"The social exclusion of human beings is not the same thing as the natural depredation occurring in a food chain, where one animal species preys on another species, as is the case with lions and zebras. The human groups that are preyed upon are not from a different species, and do not always behave like zebras. A human group that feels permanently excluded from the bare necessities of existence, preyed on by the market and by modernity, will finally turn upon its predators, resorting to varied forms of treatment ranging from delinquency to terrorist fanaticism."

"The law of the jungle cannot continue to be applied among men without serious consequences for the whole community. Our genes, which are programmed for survival in society, begin to protest that we are being excluded, that our family or social group is in danger. Then, when we reach that stage, we too dehumanize our predators, resorting to irrational and violent actions against them, as though they were a different species. When certain limits of human depredation are passed, everyone is the loser, including the predators, and the result is massive social and political turmoil"

"The Myth of Development, the non viable economies in the 21st century" is an inspirational book, even when it gave a very gloomy picture about the future of humanity and adopted a pessimistic approach toward solution proposed by international organization such as the World Bank Group. it was written in the 90s by Oswaldo De Rivero, an ex-ambassador from Peru whom was involved in the negotiation of the nuclear missile crisis in Cuba 1962, between the United State and the Soviet Union. The Uruguay Convention was one of the most important economic forum of the twentiest century, where general agreement on tariffs and trade, has also witnessed Mr. Oswaldo participated in as negotiator representing his mother country Peru. He have predicted adequately outputs of which we are currently struggling globally, and many countries are surviving a nationality crisis, due to multiple root causes described in this book. 

I recommend this book for anyone who wants to learn about international affairs, history, macro economy, globalization and international trade. also it is recommended for people that have a predictive curiosity, so they can find tons of truly remarkable insights.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Ethical Duty in the 21st century

"The only tie existing today is compassion and the ethical duty of a handful of persons, but this cannot create a global ethical conscience in a world under the influence of a predatory logic"

It is something i red for Oswaldo De Revero way back and still lingering on my yellow papers. in the confusion and the wondering of the movement future طلعت_ريحتكم #بدنا_نحاسب# that gave us so much hope, i remember the wise words Oswaldo mentioned. it kept me thinking, will we ever be able to succeed in building a republic in Lebanon?

As well, the world order doesn't look much promising. it is clearly not going toward an environmental neither economical sustainability, and its failure is unavoidable, without a vital and comprehensive commutation. it is very difficult times we are living!!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Liberland - Croatia

For all the Lebanese or Syrian Refugees, this is the country you should go for. no government, no taxes, no politics, just a bunch of people living together in 10 square km grin emoticon

All you have to do now is convince Croatian authority to let you go there !! grin emoticon

Wait, if Liberland was not welcoming enough, you can always go to "Nowheristan". my greetings to Michel Elefteriades !!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

شباب 29 آب

كتير عنا شغل ووعي تنبني جيل حضاري وانساني. مثلاً حدا سأل عن عمال سوكلين كيف كانو يجيبو عمال ب200$ من الهند ومن سيريلنكا و ينيموون متل البهايم 20 واحد بكل غرفة من دون تخوتة؟ لأ ما حدا كان يفرق معو، المهم الطرقات عم تتكنس! هل هالموضوع كان انساني وليش نحنا منقبل في ؟
بعض الشباب يلي نظموا الحراك وعلى رأسن Imad Bazzi كانو ينزلوا على سجن الأجانب في الامن العام تحت الجسر تيوثقوا الانتهاكات الغير انسانية بحق عمال من السودان ومن سيريلنكا ومن الفيليبين Farah Salka(يمكن هونيك تعرف على مرتوا من إسرائيل). هول شباب بناضلو حتى ما يكون حقك سحسوح 

و حتى يكون عنا أبطال مش وزراء

وحتى ما يدفع الحمال بسبينس مصاري عشين يشتغل Abir Ghattas
وحتى يكون حقك تروح على حديقة عامة هي اصلاً ملكك Nizar Ghanem
رح يصير في كتير اخطاء وأنا أول واحد رح ينتقد
بس شباب وصبايا 29 آب هني اشرف الناس
عشين هيك عم بنزل على كل مظاهرة بيدعو الها.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

شو بدك لتنتفض ؟

 العالم ما حست بالحياة الزبالة يلي عايشيتا بلبنان والوضع المؤريف إلا لما شافت الزبالة عم تقيلا علا الطريق!

اي مظبوط، هيدا خرا الي كنا عم نيكلو
اي مظبوط هيدي رشوي عم بتدفعا
اي مظبوط معظم لي بشتغلو بالقطاع العام فاسدين 
اي مظبوط بتسوق متل الاجدب ماكأنو في حدن تاني على الطريق، بلا احترام وبلا اخلاق
اي مظبوط انت مستزلم ومتعصب وطائفي وملتوي وازعر
اي مظبوط ما بهمك غير نفسك ومن بعد حمارك ما ينبت حشيش
اي مظبوط خنوع، ومستسلم 

شو بدك نحطلك على الطاريق تنتفض على كل هول كمان يا شاطر ؟؟!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

يا شعب لبنان الغشيم

كتب راجح الخوري من كم يوم التالي:
"صحتين يا شعب لبنان الغشيم القاعد والصامت والمستلذ بالروائح وبالجراثيم وبالملاريا وبالبرغش وبالذباب الأزرق …
صحتين يا شعب لبنان الأهبل والمعاق والتافه والعاجز والمشلول والمفلس والمخصي والغبي والبغل والواوي والبسين، لأنك تشيح بنظرك فتتجاهل المسؤولين الذين دفعوك الى العيش في مزبلة، ولا تتوانى أحياناً عن ان تكون حقيراً عندما تلقي خلسة كيس نفاياتك على مفترق شارعك أو حتى أمام باب جارك!"

انا اوافق على الصفات التي نعتنا بها 
انا اوؤكد تحملنا المسؤولية بالدرجة الأولى عن المهازل القائمة في هذا البلد
انا لا ارى امل في هذا البلد إلا في حفنة مثقفة من الشباب، دفغها اليأس الى المطالبة بهدم كل شيء، عن حق او غير حق. (لا يمكن ان نصنع التغير من دون ان نقدم بدائل حقيقية، ومن دون ان نكون جديين ومنظمين في تحميل المسؤولية وفي تحملنا المسؤولية)

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Lebanese Pact for National Survival

Lebanese people have to voice the truth that have been studiously avoided since before the beginning of the civil war in 1975. It is clear that through voicing the truth, we will run the risk of causing deep discomfort and we will definitely injure false patriotic sentiments, which have only served to mask the historic dysfunction of our nation. 

But it is a necessary reflection, a vital and essential one in a country that have wasted the entire twentieth century without achieving an identity, a viable economy and a developed regime. The process of development in Lebanon is still elusive in the present global chaos, regional uprising and national parallelisms. This illusion of development has to be replaced by a realistic pact for national survival

Monday, August 3, 2015

المواطن اللبناني المسؤول الأول !

من جريدة النهار عدد ٢٥٧٤٤  (الصحافي علي حماده) لخصّ بطريقة واضحة مشكلة اللبناني الحقيقية، وهو عدّو نفسه اللّدود:  "نعم الفرد اللبناني موجود، وواع، ورائد، ومقدام، وصاحب طاقة غير اعتيادية، ولكن بمقياس الفرد لا الجماعة. هنا الاشكالية الكبيرة التي تدفعنا الى التذكير بالحديث القائل: "كما تكونون يولّى عليكم". بمعنى أن الشعب المتألم، والذي اكتشف متأخراً قبل أسابيع قليلة أنه في "مزبلة" توهم أنها جنة، يستحيل أن يكون أفضل من حكامه الذين تقع على عاتقهم مسؤولية كبرى في ما آلت اليه الأوضاع الحالية. أما مسؤولية الشعب الى أي فئة انتمى فلا تعلوها مسؤولية بمجرد أن قبلت هذه الجموع أن تتحول قطعان غنم هنا أو هناك، بخضوعها الأعمى هنا أو هناك."

"ما لم ينتفض الشعب على نفسه أولاً فيتغير ليتغير حاضره، لن يكون له مستقبل، وسيستمر الموت البطيء."

بالفعل! الجميع يتسأل اين الشعب ؟ أين الدولة ؟ وننسى اننا الشعب والدولة !!