Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Parable - a Lioness, a Cheetah & an Oryx (in Lebanon: Politicians, their client base and citizen)

The following Parable is an actual simulation of the Lebanese society layers.

Parable of a lioness, a cheetah and an Oryx, who had come together on a long journey, decided one day to confess their sins to each other.

As queen of the forest, the lioness was the first.

 "she told the others that, once, after she had finished off a big buck, a zebra came by. "it looked so sleek and tender," she said, "I had wantonly dispatched a fellow beast for no purpose," she said regretfully. 

The remorseful cheetah reassured her. "why should you, queen of the forest, be remorseful about the skill that has made you the greatest hunter of us all? You are to be forgiven." 

Then the cheetah told how, one day, he had spied a fat ewe and her two lambs. Hungrily he had pounced on the nearest lamb, but the mother had begged him to spare the remaining lamb and eat her instead. "I agreed", the cheetah said, "but I was so hungry I then ate the ewe and the other lamb too!" 

Even though she was a mother herself, the lioness forgave the cheetah since he was so beautiful, sleek and strong. 

Then they turned to the Oryx.

But the humble beast could think of nothing he had done wrong. "come now," they said, "we are all mortals, surely there must be something that troubles your conscience?" the oryx though for a moment and answered that, once, after walking all day along a hot desert trail, he had spied a clump of grass famished, he stopped and ate it.

The lioness and the cheetah looked at each other in disgust. "you have committed an unpardonable crime and do not deserve to live, "they growled, and they pounced on the Oryx and devoured him."