Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Germany and Israel's 'special relationship'

Published by the BBC:

As though to allay German unease, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took the trouble to give an interview to the editors of the Bild newspaper this week - he talked through its pages directly to the German people.
He said about Chancellor Merkel: "I take her commitment to Israel very seriously. There is a commitment to Israel's security that is exemplified by the recent sale of another German submarine, an important adjunct to our national security, so I believe this is all real and tangible.
"But as far as Israel's defenses, we have never asked for other countries to come and physically defend us."
He added: "While I appreciate Germany's concern for Israel's security the most important assistance that can be given to Israel is - to paraphrase Churchill - to give us the tools and we will do the job of defending ourselves."--

i don't understand how a third nuclear strike capability, in a region where Israel have the only nuclear arsenal, is a defensive weapon !!