Monday, July 12, 2010

A football player and a part time actor

A football player and a part time actor

Recently, to be precise, in the last couple of weeks while watching the football matches played in South Africa for the occasion of the 19th world cup series, most of all I was frustrated of the aspect that rules the football game today and "acting" seemed the only way to describe that aspect.

Throwing themselves on the ground when no body touched them, rolling over like children and acting pain, trying to cheat the referee by playing the ball fast as it is the most natural assumption "the ball is there entitle" and many other incidents we saw give us the postulation that those athletics are quit more interested in an acting carrier then in football itself.

I don't know about you, but I felt like watching hypothetical football techniques. Beside a couple of good games and as a whole, these days football is about having the most powerful wrestlers, I mean players, that have some kind of a talent in acting, and a keen persuasive felling style. I hated what football turned to be mostly because I remember better days where this game was the stage of spectacular shows. Now it's all about winning at any cost.

I really hope that the next few years carry out some regulations to fix all the hypocrisy the world share through out the most blood rushing and wide spread game ever. Because the beauty of a clean competition is what we want to teach our children, not "scramble your way up and use every possible mean to get what you want" !